Spain Legal is one of the leading international companies providing support for real estate transactions. Our comprehensive approach allows to select the property you need, sell an existing one, and use support of legal experts at all stages of the transaction. A team of talented lawyers accredited by the Barcelona Bar Association having years of experience in the real estate industry will provide you with a range of services, from due diligence to legalization of construction and alterations. We will prepare all you need and support you throughout the process of buying, selling, or renting in Spain as well as help mitigate all possible risks and problems.


According to world ratings, Spain is one of the five countries highly ranked by real estate investors. Openness to foreign capital, unvaried high profitability of properties at a low price and simple purchase procedures make the country ideal for those who want to make a profitable investment. Investments in housing, offices, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and parking lots open the opportunities to gain a guaranteed profit and “express” residency.