Spain Legal lawyers have been providing tax consulting, legal and audit services for foreign companies and individuals in Spain for many years, regardless of their status, residence permit, etc. We will guide you through all the intricacies of Spain taxation system, help you prepare and submit annual reports, educate you how to communicate with the tax authorities, protect your interests in disputes and provide advice on how to achieve maximum deductions and concessions. You will get clear explanations, qualified support and be able to minimize the negative consequences of local legislation.


The tax system in Spain is considered one of the youngest and best in Europe. 97% of companies in the country are small and medium-sized businesses including those with foreign capital. A tax rate depends on many factors: a form of organization, type of activity, annual turnover, province registration, etc., but in general it is still lower the average European level. There are also various taxes applied to residents and non-residents and numerous tax benefits and exemptions. That is why it is so important to know all the nuances of Spain fiscal system when planning financial transactions – it allows both to correctly file a tax return and avoid unnecessary expenses and fines.