Accounting records should be maintained by all individuals and legal entities, all persons carrying out an economic activity in the Spain territory. The annual financial statement is submitted to the Commercial Register, supervised by the Ministry of Justice, and include a balance sheet and statements of profits, losses, cash flow, etc. The documentation should provide an objective view of the current financial condition of the company and its creditworthiness. Data is transmitted in electronic or paper form no later than seven months after the end of the fiscal year.

Spain Legal's experienced lawyers provide a full range of accounting and tax auditing services in Spain allowing our clients to save time and money. We will provide you with a personal expert who will organize high-quality maintenance of financial and fiscal reporting of your company, advise on all issues of your company's accounting, and offer tax optimization solutions. For individuals we offer a comprehensive support for staff management, including registration of employees, execution of employment agreements and benefits, maintaining a vacation schedule, etc.

Our accounting
services for individual entrepreneurs and enterprises include

  • Registration with the tax authorities, Chamber of Commerce.
  • Accounting and electronic document management.
  • Calculation of expenses, insurance premiums, dividends.
  • Receiving notifications from tax services, social insurance fund.
  • Preparation and filing of quarterly and annual tax returns.
  • Fiscal planning and optimization.
  • Maintenance of annual accounting reports, registration in the Commercial Register.
  • Taking minutes and financial analysis of shareholders’ meetings.
  • Documentation, required registration of employees with different agencies, dismissal of employees.
  • Development of employment agreements, calculations of benefits, wages, social payments, sick leave, etc.