The Kingdom of Spain is one of the countries famous for their most attractive climate for starting and running business. Almost a third of university graduates open their own business here, while in Switzerland or the USA this rate is never more than 19%. Local resorts are a paradise for both vacationers and those who want to make profit from tourism, resorts also provide unlimited opportunities for acquiring restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, etc. Openness to foreign capital, government support for startups, easy registration and a simplified procedures of residence permit obtaining make the country ideal for those who plan to expand into the European market.

Tax policy in Spain is based on 2 principles: 1) progressiveness, i.e. the more a person earns, the higher their rate of tax and 2) non-confiscations, i.e. payments to the state cannot exceed 50% of the profit.

Legal entities
core taxes include

  • VAT (IVA) – 21%.
  • Income tax (IS) – 25%.
  • Tax on economic activities (IAE) – with an annual turnover of over 1 million euros.
  • Tax on Documented Legal Acts (AJD).
  • Tax on authorized capital transactions (IOS).
  • Contributions to social security funds.

A successful business is inseparable from a good knowledge of the fiscal system, because, in addition to payments, various types of benefits, deferrals, subsidies and reduced rates are provided for entrepreneurs. Spain Legal company provides comprehensive tax consulting services for companies and individual entrepreneurs. Experienced lawyers will help you plan and optimize costs correctly considering all the nuances, develop a strategy to establish relations with the tax authorities and represent your company interests in government agencies and in court.

Our business
consultant services include

  • Preparation and filing of real estate and income tax returns.
  • Fiscal planning and optimization.
  • Registration with the tax authorities, obtaining an identification number (NIE) and electronic certificates for signing documents.
  • Assistance in registering a business of any format.
  • Accounting, consulting and audit for residents and non-residents.
  • Support in the tax and other government agencies/representation of your interests by proxy
  • Taking minutes and financial analysis of shareholders’ meetings.
  • Development of employment agreements, calculations of benefits, wages, social payments, sick leave, etc.