Spain Legal is an international company headquartered in Barcelona. We are specializing in protecting the rights of foreign nationals and non-residents in Spain. For over 10 years, we have been successfully providing legal services to individuals and legal entities in various fields, including civil, corporate and immigration laws, real estate transactions, taxation, and litigation.


Our team includes talented lawyers accredited by the Barcelona Bar Association. The company selected its lawyers for both their professional experience and soft skills, namely the ability to build strong and trusting relationships with clients. Whatever problem you face, we are ready to develop an effective solution for your benefit. In pursuant to our mission statement “reputation determines the recommendation” we do our best to make every case successful and every client satisfied. You do not have to hear endless “manana” (“tomorrow”) from Spanish lawyers, stand in lines and keep waiting in authority offices, or look for interpreters: we will take on and resolve all legal issues associated with your stay in Spain.

Areas of activity

Our lawyers are qualified in the following areas of legal practice:
  • Immigration

    Legal support at all stages of the immigration process, from visa support to naturalization, assistance in case of denials. Residence permit with/without the right to work, investor “Golden Visa”, family reunification, student visa, fast obtain of NIE.

  • Real estate property

    Full or partial legal support of transactions, real estate appraisal, registration of real property title in government agencies, legalization in case of alteration and reconstruction, property management.

  • Civil law

    Development and analysis of civil contracts, statements of disagreements, debts collection under loan agreements, receipts, invalidation of transactions, property damage/injury to life/health harm compensation, pre-trial settlement of disputes.

  • Business

    Market analysis, selection of business areas and legal entity form, legal examination, business plan development, registration of individual entrepreneur entity, company, trademark, obtaining certificates and licenses, operating business purchase, residence permit for entrepreneurs (entrepreneur residency), audit and consulting services.

  • Taxes

    Tax planning, selection of a tax residency, assistance in filing reports, changing the tax regime of a company, costs optimization when purchasing real estate and starting a business, interaction with the tax office, effective risk management, dispute resolution.

  • Case practice

    Protection of interests in disputes over real estate, debt recovery, family law (divorce, revocation of joint property, gift, inheritance), corporate law. Development of the case defense strategy, drafting and filing claims, collecting evidence, monitoring the execution of a court decision, appeals, recognition of foreign court decisions.


Company philosophy

Spain Legal mission is to provide high-quality and affordable legal support in any life or business situation. We offer a tailor-made approach to solving the given tasks and follow “client first” principle. With us you can reckon with certainty on complete confidentiality and long-term relationships with a team of experts who are always ready to help you in a foreign country.

We are committed to professionalism and responsibility since we value our reputation and our clients’ confidence:

  • We use only legal and proven methods.
  • We do not give empty promises or promise unrealistic results.
  • We work promptly for the benefit of our client.
  • We maintain all the information received from the client in strict confidence.

Legal Advice

If you need a legal advice, we can arrange an online meeting with a lawyer via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

You need to pay in advance indicating your personal data. As soon as we receive your payment, we will contact you to schedule a meeting according to your timetable.

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