Autónomo status, i. e. individual entrepreneur, is one of the common forms of running business in the Kingdom. Any foreigner with an identification code (NIE) can become an individual entrepreneur. The undoubted advantages of this form of entity are independence, significant government support, and a simpler tax system.

Registration of autónomo status requires a large document package and numerous administrative procedures to complete. A future businessman will have to register with the tax authorities, the social insurance service, obtain a business registration license, etc. A good solution is to contact qualified specialists of Spain Legal company who will act as a connecting link between autónomo and government agencies of the Kingdom.

Our IE status
registration services include:

  • Registration with the social insurance authorities and obtaining the payment account code (TIN).
  • Selection of taxation system; registration with tax authorities.
  • Registration with the Merchantile Register (if necessary).
  • Necessary professional licenses, also those for operations and equipment.
  • Obtaining an inspection register (Libro de visitas).
  • Visas and residence permits for individual entrepreneurs.

of autónomo status

  • Freedom in making decisions about business development.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Access to professional positions that require IE-status and invoicing.
  • Simple system of tax payments, tax concessions.
  • Social security (free medical care, job loss assistance).
  • Obtaining a residence permit in case of a profitable business plan and funds for its implementation.