A registered trademark is an undoubted competitive advantage and an intangible value-increasing asset of any company. In Spain, this is particularly true: most people are conservative and trust only the recognized brands products. Depending on the purpose, TM can be registered in the National or International Patent Offices and grants access to the markets of different countries for 10 years.

The standard consideration period varies from 6 months to 1 year. Contact Spain Legal’s lawyers for and expedited registration of certificate.

Our registration
services include

  • Logo/TM expert analysis for compliance with the requirements, determination of business classification.
  • Check and search through registered in EU trademarks.
  • Application filing and submitting, certification obtaining.
  • Additional legal actions (tracking information on search results in the Official Copyright Bulletin (Boletín Oficial de la Propiedad Industrial), amendments to the application, preparation of appeals in case of rejection, renewal of the certificate, etc.).

of trademark certificate

  • Competitive advantage in the European market.
  • Recognizable brand in an economically developed country with a low level of business taxes.
  • Simple registration procedure, including for non-residents.
  • Valid for 10 years with indefinite renewal.