Litigation process is an unwanted and time-consuming one that can be successfully ended only with the support of a highly qualified lawyer. In a foreign country, the situation becomes even more complicated: in addition to a foreign legislation tending to change constantly, you shall be knowledgeable of international agreements that also influence the course of litigation and the process of executing a court decision. Even though the laws of any state are aimed at protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens, the approaches to organizing the process are different. By engaging a competent lawyer or better a well-coordinated international team you can firmly defend your interests in any court and minimize your time and money spending.

For over 20 years Spain Legal lawyers have been engaging in judicial practice in Spain including cross-border litigations involving both countries. Our team consists of lawyers with significant experience in defending the interests of principals in various legal areas. Each of our lawyers has field-specific expertise and a well-deserved reputation in law enforcement and judicial bodies. Our experience allows to achieve best results in a short time and without losses. Our practice includes disputes over debt collection, labor disputes, disputes over property rights, land and housing conflicts, recovery of alimony and much more, as well as recognition of foreign courts decisions in Span’s courts and national enforcement proceedings.

Within cooperation with Spain Legal you will gain your advantage – our flexible approach to every client: we are ready to provide a full range of services, start to work at any stage or complete a specific task. Since our lawyers have special knowledge and extensive practice, they will analyze the situation, competently prepare all needed documents, and provide a highly qualified legal defense in court. When trusted us your case, you can continue your usual business and wait for a successful outcome of your case.

The spain legal service
includes the following case practices

  • Housing disputes
  • Road traffic accident lawyer
  • Disputes with insurance companies
  • Land disputes
  • Family disputes
  • Labor disputes
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Consumer rights protection
  • НInheritance disputes
  • Assistance in judgment execution
  • Protection of interests in the european court
  • Disputes with banks (mortgage)

for legal entities

  • Protection of interests in arbitration courts
  • Tax disputes
  • Protection of business reputation
  • Trademark and copyright protection
  • Investments disputes
  • Supply agreements disputes
  • Bankruptcy disputes
  • Debt collection
  • Challenging of actions and decisions of the administration

If, during your stay in Spain, a criminal case is initiated against you or professional legal defense is required in various disputes, immediately contact our lawyers for advice. We will support you in any situation!