Openness to foreign capital, transparency of rules and procedures, and real access to loans in local banks have promoted Spain to the top ten countries for business activity. The main advantage of traspaso, as the Spaniards name the purchase of a ready-made business, is the ability to start and make a profit immediately without spending time and money on registration, obtaining licenses, personnel and offices search, etc. Besides, it is possible to select the most profitable company in advance after having analyzed its activities and reputation.

Where to search for profitable companies? How to select the most successful one? How to check for debts? You do not have to solve these issues yourself, it is better to hire a lawyer of Spain Legal who will help you purchase a business in Spain, prepare all the necessary documents and monitor the compliance of the process with legal regulations. The purchase of “official” companies to immediately start your business can be made within 24 hours with our assistance.

Our company
purchasing services include:

  • Assistance in a legal entity selection.
  • Analysis of the seller and its documentation, information consistency check.
  • Identification of legal risks associated with the company activities and the transaction itself.
  • Preparation of documentation for the transaction.
  • Contract legal review, recommendations for amendments in order to protect the interests of the buyer.
  • Legal entity bank account opening.
  • Obtaining a taxpayer code NIE.
  • Support during negotiations, conclusion, and execution of the transaction.
  • Registration of a residence permit for investors, entrepreneurs, and their families.

of a ready-made company purchase

  • No need to obtain licenses, purchase equipment, carry our decorations/renovations, search for premises and employees.
  • The prerogative of assessing business prospects.
  • A relevant customer base.
  • VAT and ownership transfer tax exemptions.
  • Simple registration of the transaction.
  • Access to local banks loans.
  • Simplified procedure of obtaining a residence permit.