Translation and interpreting

The company Spain Legal provides translations of any type and complexity, including sworn translation of documents and language support during commercial negotiations.

  • Sworn translation

    Sworn translation is carried out exclusively by translators accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sworn translation is required for a series of official documents when presenting them to the Spanish governmental institutions, such as immigration offices, judicial authorities, banks, and real estate registry.

  • Interpreting

    We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, including linguistic support during negotiations, medical visits, notarial acts, and real estate visits in Spain.

  • Written translation

    Written translation of commercial texts, presentations, reports, and documents that do not require any further notarial assurance.

Documents, diplomas, insurance

  • Legalization of documents

    Our company will legalize the originals of foreign documents and their translations to give them legal force in the territory of Spain.

    This will allow you to keep on with your official requests and communication to the Spanish administrative authorities easily and quickly.

  • Homologation of Degrees

    Homologation is the official confirmation of a foreign degree in Spain. There are several professions (for example, a doctor, an architect etc.), that require a foreigner to do this bureaucratic formality for a lawful exercise of his or her occupation in Spain.

    Spain Legal will advise you if homologation is necessary in your case and assist you in preparation of all the necessary documents for this procedure.

  • Medical insurance

    Health insurance is one of the obligatory documents when applying for a long-term visa D or for a residency prolongation in Spain. Medical insurance should cover the entire period of residency in the country and comply with all the requirements of the Spanish health legislation

    Spain Legal will advise you with the most appropriate insurance contract for you to avoid rejections when presenting documents to the immigration office and to guarantee high quality medical care in the country.