A long-term study visa is one of the most popular ways to travel to Spain. To obtain it, it is not necessary to enter a university: language courses, a business school, scientific research, volunteer and exchange programs, and so on are considered sufficient grounds. The undoubted advantages of this method are the possibilities to work during your off-school hours and to apply for the visa in Spain without leaving it.


To apply for a student residence, you need an invitation from an educational center (shall be accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training), a confirmation of payment for the first semester, and a medical insurance for one year valid on all the Spanish territory. After reviewing the documents, in case of approval, you will obtain a long-term D type visa allowing to enter Spain within 3 months. Then an applicant has one month to request a resident card at any police station.


  • No criminal record for the last 5 years.
  • No violation the EU visa policy
  • Proofs of having funds to secure yourself and your family members during your study period.
  • A confirmation of the admission fee payment, an application for admission from an educational institution and a residential rental/purchase agreement.

дof this status

  • Ability to do paid internships in case they are compatible with a study plan.
  • Modification to a full-fledged working residence in case of contract after 3 years of legal residence.
  • Visa-free travels to the Schengen area countries.
  • Legalization of immediate relatives.

processing time

Student residence is granted without any problems if you have all necessary documents at a consular post in your country of residence or at the migration authorities of Spain. The visa is granted one month after documents submission, for one year and is subject to extension. After 3 years, the student visa holder can apply for a full-fledged residence permit with the right to work.