The volume of investments in the Spanish real estate sector has been breaking records for several years, and, according to experts, this trend will continue in the coming years. The main advantage of local real estate properties is their high profitability, constant price increase, and affordable overall price. Thus, the profitability of housing is from 3% to 10% with an annual price increase of from 10% to 15%, while well-chosen commercial locations secure a profit of at least 10%. Among other advantages, a purchase of over EUR 500,000 makes you eligible for “golden visa” and greatly facilitates permanent residence and citizenship obtaining.

To achieve the investment efficiency, a competent risk management is necessary based on the analysis and audit of the project, an analysis of its weaknesses and possible prospects. The legal security of investment activities in Spain is one of the main specializations of Spain Legal company. Whether you are buying an apartment for rent, a residential complex under construction or an operating hotel, our lawyers will review all risks of implementation or participation in the project, conduct a thorough analysis of co-investors’ documents, and offer an evaluation of legal perspectives.

Our investor
services include

  • Due diligence of the project.
  • Risk analysis, calculation of profits.
  • Expert evaluation of the project cost.
  • Development of a business plan.
  • Negotiations with co-investors.
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses, permits, loans.
  • Preparation of documents and full support for the transaction.

of investing in Spanish real estate properties

  • High liquidity and constant demand.
  • Stable passive income.
  • Developed legal base.
  • Great tourism potential.
  • Rich selection of properties within different price tiers.
  • Affordable prices.
  • A simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence, and citizenship upon purchase a property over 500,000 €.