Any foreign person in a foreign land may face legal issues. A conflict with an employer, defective products bought in a store, disputes with business co-founders or partners, problems with land boundaries delimitation, accusations of a road traffic accident – these are situations that happen more often than we would like them to. According to the effective legislation, the interests of the parties to any civil proceeding must be defended by a lawyer: with rare exceptions, a judge will not even proceed a petition without a lawyer’s signature.

Besides their formal functions, a lawyer acts as a mediator during negotiations which most civil cases come to. If an out-of-court settlement is impossible, a legal defense in court will become one of the main preconditions for successful conflict resolving – especially when it comes to litigation in a foreign country where it is difficult to defend own rights without knowledge of all the nuances of the effective law. Family, labor, housing, land, tax disputes, consumer and business reputation protection, damage compensation and debt collection – a competent civil lawyer having vast experience and successful practice will help you in all these areas. Besides a comprehensive advice they will competently make a statement of case, suggest a way to solve the problem, and prove a point if the case comes to trial.

A timely received legal advice is a guarantee of your rights and legitimate interests protection. In Spain Legal company you will be supported by a civil-law expert and appear at the court fully prepared. Our lawyers have 20 years of experience of work with foreign clients. They will assess the judicial perspective of the case, collect evidence, analyze available documents, prepare claims, negotiations with opponents, engage independent experts and develop a winning strategy – in a word, they will do whatever it needs to resolve the problem in the most effective way. An individual approach, knowledge of the effective legislation, extensive experience and absolute confidentiality are the guarantee of successful resolution of the case involving minimal expenses and during the shortest time.


Access to professional legal services is an important condition for a quiet life and business in a foreign country. Spain Legal team provides a range of civil law services in Spain including the following:

  • Matrimonial suits (divorce, division of the spouses' property, recovery of alimony, child(ren) custody);
  • Inheritance disputes (will/will contest, inheritance taxes);
  • Intellectual property (copyright infringement issues);
  • Property-money relations (land and housing disputes, debts recovery, tangible damage compensation, recovery and division of property, protection/challenging of property rights, etc.);
  • Protection of honor, dignity, and business reputation of individuals and legal entities;
  • Labor relations (recovery of wages, illegal dismissal, reinstatement in work, compensation for harm caused, unjustified refusal to hire, etc.);
  • Contracts (drafting, editing, and examination of contracts of any complexity, challenging, bringing to responsibility for non-compliance).

Spain Legal renders
the following civil law services:

  • Legal assessment of the judicial perspective of the case;
  • Collecting the necessary documents, evidence;
  • Preparation of legal documents (claims, complaints, petitions, statements);
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes, negotiations;
  • Participation in the courts of general jurisdiction;
  • Monitoring the execution of the court decision;
  • Appeal against acts/failures to act of authorities;
  • Defending of interests in the Constitutional Court of Spain, Supreme Court of Spain, the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Appeal against the court decision.