Renting in Spain is the most demanded business model generating a stable income with minimal efforts. According to experts, the profitability of residential properties in the country is from 3% to 10% per year, and well-chosen commercial ones bring profits of at least 10%. Considering an average mortgage rate of 3% and annual inflation of 2,3% all said above sounds very promising. Almost all real estate properties are successfully rented out between April and October, and rental rates are constantly growing due to the stable demand and strict regulation of development.

Many owners take rental agreements less seriously than purchase and sale ones. But laborious legal processing of many documents often becomes a serious obstacle on the way to quick profits. To avoid problems, it is reasonable to contact lawyers specializing in rental relations. Spain Legal's lawyers have extensive practice in defending the interests of tenants and landlords and use this advantageus experience in resolving disputes. They will help competently execute the agreement between the parties, identify all potential risks, and suggest the best methods to mitigate them. The support of lawyers is especially important for owners of commercial real estate, large developers and investors who are aimed at vacation rental sphere where special licenses are often required. We offer you a comprehensive assistance and to obtain the necessary permits in a shorter time.

Our lawyers’
services include

  • Legal support for residential and commercial properties rent.
  • Development of a rental agreement.
  • Preparation of other legal documents (acts, claims, notifications, complaints, appeals, packages of documents for tenants).
  • Pre-trial settlement (claims, negotiations).
  • Court settlement of disputes (arbitration, courts of general jurisdiction).
  • Participation in inspections and appeals against unjustified decisions of regulatory and law-enforcement agencies.
  • Agreements/approvals of alterations.
  • Registration of a long-term rental agreement with government agencies.
  • Collection and execution of documents for vacation (or tourist) rental, obtaining a license.

of renting out your Spanish real estate property

  • Stable passive income and constant demand (even upon a mortgage – 1%-2%).
  • Developed legal base.
  • Great tourism potential.
  • Savings on housing maintenance costs.
  • Reduced losses when use for personal purposes during off-season period.