Legal support of business is one of the most demanded services. It allows to delegate a significant part of the work to a whole team of professionals and simultaneously to save on taxes, vacations, sick leaves, searching and training specialists in a foreign country. Experienced lawyers as well versed in Spanish environment experts will address the legal problems enabling your company to operate seamlessly allowing you to focus on achieving your main business goal – making a profit.

Spain Legal's lawyers are ready to represent your interests throughout your business process in Spain on pre-agreed terms. We will undertake all routine with documents, take care of corporate and commercial relations, represent your company in courts, arbitration, and government agencies.

Our support
services include

  • Consulting on a wide range of legal aspects of the company's activities.
  • Preparation of documents for business registration and running.
  • Legal vetting of contracts, agreements, protocols of disagreements, incorporation documents.
  • Legal formalization of relations with tenants, contractors, partners, shareholders.
  • Processing of claims, statements, complaints, petitions, correspondence, pre-trial settlement.
  • Submission of documents to the relevant government agencies.
  • Protection of interests in courts, during audits by tax and supervisory authorities, transaction support.
  • HR record management, labor contracts.

of outsourcing legal support

  • Significant reduction in staff costs.
  • Comprehensive expert assistance in various fields.
  • Proven methods and technologies of legal protection in Spain.
  • Support of highly qualified lawyers at any time, personally or remotely.
  • Result-oriented independent representation of your business interests.
  • Discounts upon purchasing a service package or concluding an agreement of legal business support services.