The personal identification number of a foreigner NIE (Número de identificación de Extranjero) is assigned by the migration service to all foreign citizens carrying out their financial activity in the country. This code is required for any operations: registering a business, receiving a salary, opening a bank account, buying or renting real estate, etc.


When applying for a residence permit, a foreigner's number is assigned automatically. However, it is possible to obtain NIE even without obtaining a residence when carrying out any transactions that require registration with the tax service (purchase of an apartment, office, car, etc.).

applicant eligibility

  • Legal residence in the country, household registration.
  • Provide justification (notarial deed of intention to purchase a residential property or start a business, account opening confirmation, company registration certificate, etc.).
  • Apply in person or by proxy to local police station, immigration authorities or a consular post in your country.

Advantages of NIE

You can carry out any financial transactions in Spain, as to:

  • purchase/sell/rent movable and immovable assets;
  • register a company;
  • be employed;
  • open a bank account;
  • register with the tax authorities;
  • conclude a service contract (water supply and electricity, etc.).

Access to free medicine and social benefits of the Kingdom.

processing time

By contrast with an identification number which is assigned for life till obtaining Spanish citizenship, a NIE certificate is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. According to the law, the processing time is 5 days, in large cities it takes 10-14 days. Spain Legal's lawyers can request registration within the shortest period and reduce the waiting period to one day.