The stage following a down payment stage is the conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement. At this moment, the seller undertakes to hand over the longed-for keys to the buyer, and the buyer is to pay the agreed price. Often, the legal aspects of this process are being ignored and left to chance because it requires deep knowledge of civil and land law as well intricacies of Spanish housing legislation. But exactly at this stage a qualified legal support is needed more than ever to protect you against fraud, forgery, and the risk of recognition of the transaction invalid.

Spain Legal's lawyers will undertake the comprehensive preparation of the deal, do all necessary to ensure its legality and eliminate undesirable consequences. Legal defense at this stage is carried out through a comprehensive due diligence/clean title check and competent preparation of documents, so you can be sure of transaction legal safety.

Our purchase
and sale transaction services include

  • Detailed advice on legal issues of purchase, renting, sale, and maintenance of real estate properties.
  • Negotiations, assistance in reducing the cadastral value.
  • Property reservation.
  • Document analytics, authentication, identification of inconsistencies.
  • Preparation of all necessary agreements in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Opening a bank account in Spain.
  • A foreigner identification number (NIE).
  • Audit and real estate clean title (absence of debts, available licenses, etc.).
  • Execution of agreements and full support for purchase and sale transaction, including by proxy.
  • Registration in the register of owners, with tax and fiscal authorities.
  • Pre-trial and judicial termination of a purchase and sale agreement; court representation.