Sometimes an owner of residential or commercial premises in Spain needs to sell their property. At this moment, the correct appraisal is the most important stage – an unreasonably high price can slow the sale process for a long time, and a too low price will result in losses. The right price depends on many factors including the market situation, tax increases, loan rates for developers, etc. When a buyer is found, it is equally important to successfully execute the sale transaction, make it open and in good faith.

Spain Legal's lawyers provide full individual legal support for the sale of residential and commercial properties in Spain, from market research and independent appraisal to price negotiations and the execution of transaction in a notary office. With our unique analytical tools and knowledge of the specifics of Spanish regions and cities, we will help the buyer and seller to find each other and conclude a mutually beneficial agreement quickly and easily.

Our sales
legal support services include

  • Professional real estate property appraisal considering the current market situation.
  • A pricing strategy.
  • Negotiations on behalf of the seller, bargaining over a favorable price.
  • Preparation of documents (tax payment invoices, utility bills, certificate of commissioning, energy saving certificate, etc.).
  • Representation in notary offices and government agencies.
  • Представительство в нотариальных конторах и государственных инстанциях.
  • Full legal support with the participation of a translator – signing an agreement, mutual settlements of the parties.

of sales legal support services

  • A buyer selection is twice as fast as the market average.
  • The most adequate bid.
  • Exemption from bureaucratic procedures (licenses and certificates requests, a notary search, etc.).
  • Competent preparation, execution, and legal review of documents.
  • The transaction made in accordance with all legal regulations.
  • Protection of the owner's rights at every stage.