When a suitable property is found, before signing a purchase and sale agreements and making a down payment, it is important to check for a clean title. The audit will unveil whether the selected property as it is described in the documents, whether it has all the necessary licenses, whether the construction was carried out legally, whether the seller has the right to sell, if there are encumbrances and debts to tax and utilities services providers, unpaid loans, etc.

Clean title check involves requests to numerous state registers, including the Property Register, as well as the housing (homeowners) association. Spain Legal’s lawyers will help you accelerate the process. We are specializing in real estate in each region and can assess the compliance of the selected property with municipal property laws.

Our real estate
due diligence services include

  • Request for information on the status of the object.
  • Request for dwelling suitability document.
  • The cadastral certificate data review.
  • Licenses, certificates, and developer's guaranties review.
  • Analysis of compliance with urban planning legislation.
  • Check for tax liabilities, debts, tenants.
  • Compliance with the charter of the homeowners association.
  • Title of ownership examination.
  • Independent real estate appraisal.